Super Boulder

Last night, in lieu of a Superbowl party, I spent the evening in Boulder. Jason and Chelsey Foster (our friends from home), Coleman, Joel, Marlin and I had tickets to see Marc Broussard in concert at the Fox Theatre.

If you’ll remember, Coleman, Joel and I saw Marc when he played in Denver a few weeks ago. At the time, I didn’t know any of Marc’s songs, or anything about him, for that matter. But, he was so amazing live, I couldn’t wait to go back for another show.

I drove 40 minutes to Boulder after work, met up with everyone at a pub, had an amazing chicken fajita burrito bowl (with guac and extra rice) at Chipotle, and headed over to the theater.

When we walked in, we quickly realized we were the only people there. (Which, in reality, is not that shocking, because who has a concert on Superbowl Sunday?) So, we had a seat at the bar and watched the fourth quarter of the game, alongside Josh Hoge (who was opening for Marc Broussard) and his band. People trickled in slowly, gathering around the bar as well, as we waited for the game to end and the concert to begin.

Finally, the Steelers had won, and Josh said it was probably time to go backstage so he could get the show started. Within minutes, we were in the theater, with maybe 100 other people, singing along with Josh and then Marc. Again, the show was incredible.

People were filling up the empty space with crazy dance moves, singing along to the music. Marc and eight other band members were jamming, playing everything from harmonicas to spoons, laughing away as cajun music tied each song together, creating hours of continuous music.

Marlin was jumping all over, excited to hear songs that reminded her of her home in Baton Rouge. Jason sang his heart out and was drumming so hard on our table that my vodka & tonic was nearly splashing over the sides. Marc Broussard danced around on stage, watching his audience and looking like he really cared that everyone was having fun. Even the tough, tattooed bartender, who earlier had told us that he  didn’t really care for “that kind of music” had made his way down to the front and was dancing along. I had so much fun being around other people who were having fun, too. No inhibitions. Just fun.

The crowd, dancing along with the band
The crowd, dancing along with the band
Marlin, Jillian and Chelsey
Marlin, Jillian and Chelsey
Joel, Coleman and Jason
Joel, Coleman and Jason
My friends
My friends

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