People, let me tell you ’bout my best friends

Yesterday, I was at work, and I was having an awful day. People were being rude, I was tired, and worst of all, Jason and Chelsey Foster were visiting from Michigan, and they were spending the day in Boulder with Coleman, Joel and Marlin without me.

I was sitting at my desk, feeling sorry for myself, complaining to Susan, my coworker, who also was having a bad day, when all of a sudden, the door to our office opened. When I looked up, I saw not only Coleman, but Jason, Chelsey, Joel and Marlin with him. They had come to spend some time with me at work before driving up to Boulder!

As they were sitting around my desk, telling me about their day so far and making plans to meet up with me later, I had this split-second moment of pure joy. I looked around at each of them, seeing them smiling back at me, laughing and joking, and I felt so happy.

These are my friends. I am so proud. They know me–the real me. I am completely myself when I am with them.

I have those moments every now and then. When I was home over Christmas and spent the whole night playing Tripoley with my family. When I’m with my girlfriends, in those moments where something is so funny and we’re laughing so hard, the laughter isn’t even audible.

Having moved so much and being around new people and in new situations all the time, these moments have become a rarity. But, when they do come along, and I’m able to take just a second to realize how blessed I truly am, there is nothing better.

Thank you, God, for surrounding me with people like these. I am so blessed.

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