My bad dream

Jillian: I had a bad dream last night.

Coleman: What about?

Jillian: I had a dream that I was telling hilarious jokes, but no one would laugh at them. I kept trying and trying and trying to tell funny jokes, but no one thought they were funny.

Coleman: That’s not a dream. That’s your everyday life.

Jillian: (Sigh) I know. But it was still a bad dream.

Coleman: I had a bad dream, too. It was weird.

Jillian: What happened?

Coleman: I had a dream that I was a character in Harry Potter, but it was really messed up and freaky.

Jillian: You mean, you had a dream about “Scary Potter“?!?!?!

(anticipating uncontrollable laughter)

Coleman: No, Harry Potter. Stop trying to make jokes.

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