My Sabbath

Yesterday, I celebrated the Sabbath. I had the day off of work, and having been convicted lately to dedicate a whole day to actually doing what God says to do–to take a day of rest and “cease striving” (as Derek describes it)–I figured it was a good day to give it a try. After all, God literally commands us to take a day off and rest. Why is that so hard?

I set a few goals for my Sabbath. I would not do any work. I would not do any driving. I would not spend any money. I would not do anything I didn’t feel like doing.

In exchange, I would do things I wanted to do. I would also make sure that I spent time with God–what’s the point of taking a Sabbath if you’re replacing stuff with more stuff?

I made sure I got all of my errands done on Monday. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, even phone calls I didn’t want to make. All done by Monday night.

Then it came. Tuesday. My Sabbath. I woke up around 8:00, made a pot of coffee and some waffles. I turned on NBC and enjoyed the inauguration coverage. I spent a good part of my day (from about 9:00 am to about 3:00 pm) ironing, cutting, pinning and sewing fabric and stuffing it to make a new comforter for our bedroom. I started and finished a book. I took a bubble bath for an hour and a half.

Most importantly, I spent a good amount of time in prayer, reading my Bible and journaling. Thanking God for all of his blessings. For giving me passions for things like reading and sewing. For the joy I know he feels when he sees me enjoying those passions. For having control of my life–even when I have the delusion that I am the one in control.

So, my Sabbath was great. I don’t know that I could have a Sabbath with so many rules every week–sometimes a girl has got to drive or spend money–but a Sabbath is needed weekly nonetheless. Cause God says so.

What about you? When’s the last time you had a day of rest?

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