“Mmm! That looks good…”

I have a friend who is very…bold. I envy her sometimes because she doesn’t seem to care what people think about her. She just does what she wants to do and says what she wants to say. We’ll call her “Allison”.

Allison recently went to an ice cream shop in town, and when she got there, she realized they were giving away free frozen treats for an hour! So, she jumped in line.

She quickly realized, though, that the line was too long, and she may not make it to the front within the hour. Plus, she was hungry! So, she did what only Allison would do.

She got out of line, walked to the front and stood next to the counter. As people ordered, got their ice cream and started walking way, Allison said, “Mmm! That looks good! Can I have a bite?” Surprisingly, the people (complete strangers) said yes!

When the next customers got their ice cream and started walking away from the counter, she did the same thing. “Mmm! That looks good!  Can I have a bite?” Those people didn’t want her to use their spoons, so she just stuck her face in the ice cream and took a lick for herself.

Allison proceeded to do this to everyone in the line, not getting turned down once, until she had her fill. No one told her no!

Either Allison is extremely rude, or she’s a genius. I’ll vote for genius.

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