I almost died, and other happenings

It’s 30 degrees and snowing in Denver today. Really, this snow storm came out of nowhere. On Saturday, it was near 70 degrees, and Coleman and I walked a couple of miles to a little diner to have breakfast. Today, I opened the blinds and there was a half foot of snow on the ground!

Now, the cuffs of my pants are wet and my feet are cold. But you better believe I still wore heels! Denver will not get this girl down!

On Saturday night, Coleman and I happened upon a surprise event–tickets to a Marc Broussard concert! Joel invited us to go, since Marlin is out of town for Young Life training in Georgia. I don’t listen to Marc Broussard, so I didn’t know any of his songs, but who would pass up on a concert?

I was so glad that I went, because it was seriously an amazing show. It was in this small bar in the middle of nowhere, but he was rocking out like nobody’s business. Wherever you are, whether you know his music or not, go to his show if he’s playing in your area. So worth it! He’ll make you wish you were from the Bayou, too.

However, between the “last” song and the encore, (I hate encores–I feel like they’re a pathetic excuse to get people to cheer for you), a fight broke out. I was standing there, drinking a Coke, hoping to make some sort of statement by refusing to cheer for the encore, when all of a sudden Coleman pushed me back into a table. Thankfully he did, because two guys started throwing punches right where we had been standing. I would have totally gotten knocked over!

By the time the bouncers pulled the guys apart, Marc was back on stage. Eventually, everything settled back down, he played a few more songs, and the night was over. Totally worth it.


On a separate note, I just got a letter and a fax. The letter was addressed to “Jullian McIntyrs” and the fax to “Jillen”. Why?


On an even more separate note, today I’m loving “Back in Your Head” by Tegan and Sara. It’s my new ring tone :)

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