There’s no place like HOME for the holidays

We’re home! (My parents’ home, anyway.)

We’ve been in Michigan since Sunday, floating around between families and friends and running into randoms around town. It’s weird to see people from high school and not remember their names… I’m getting old!

I have pics to upload later, but my parents are making their big Saturday morning breakfast now, so I don’t want to miss out. On eating it, that is. Not so much into helping :)

For the time being, let me leave you with a little snippet of Christmas day at Aunt Darcy’s house:

(20 people packed in a little room around the fireplace. Charlie, my Grandma’s boyfriend, walks in.)

Charlie: “Now that everyone’s here, I have a question for you.”

(People still chattering)

C: “Now that everyone’s here, I have a question for you.”

(After a few announcements, Charlie finally gets everyone’s attention.)

C: “Has anyone heard of Josh Groban?”

Most people: “Yes.”

C: “Really?”

Most people: “Yes.”

C (to my dad): “Tim, have you heard of Josh Groban?”

Dad: “Yes.”

C: “G-R-O-B-A-N?”

Dad: “Yes”

Aunt Susan: “He’s been around for about 10 years. He started out on Grey’s Anatomy.”

Most people: “Oh wow! I didn’t know that!”

(Coleman and I look at each other, shaking our heads. Josh Groban was never on Grey’s Anatomy.)

Aunt Susan: “Yes, he was.”

Jan (Coleman’s mom): “Charlie, I have a cd of Joshua Groban.”

(Coleman rolls his eyes.)

Jan: “And there is one song on there that he sings with… um… what is her name? Uhhh… Christinaaaa… Agular.”

(Coleman and I look at each other and roll our eyes together.)

Coleman: “It’s Aguilera, mom.”

Jan: “Christina Agula. Or, wait… No, it’s that other female pop star. What’s her name, Jill?”

Me: “I have no idea. I don’t listen to Josh Groban.”

Aunt Susan: “I saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert. Now that man has a nice little figure!”

(Women nod in agreement.)

Uncle John (Aunt Susan’s husband): “You think he is attractive? Give me a break!”

My Dad: “John, just say ‘Yes Dear.’ That’s all you’ve got to say is ‘Yes Dear.’ Secret to a happy marriage.”

(Coleman’s cracking up b/c my dad says that at least once everytime we see him.)

Charlie, still talking about Josh Groban, knocks over a wine glass. One of Aunt Darcy’s dogs runs up to the table and devours an entire cheese ball and licks a few shrimp. I pour another glass of red, and Coleman and I start laughing so hard I was thisclose to spitting it all over the white carpet.

Oh, the holidays!

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