All eyes on me

On Tuesday, Marlin and I both had a free afternoon, so we decided to get our nails done. We went to a little Vietnamese place near my house and opted for the mani/pedi combo.

Marlin and I sat in fluffy, massaging chairs while two women pedicured our feet and two women manicured our fingers. We were talking about Christmas and traveling and gifts, while the nail techs were chatting with each other.

And call me narcissistic, but the longer we sat there, the more I felt like those four women might be talking about me. I mean, I always feel a little self-conscious when people surrounding me are speaking a language I don’t understand, but this time, I really felt like it.

Even Marlin would shoot me funny looks when all four women would break out in laughter.

Finally, when our nails were buffed and polished, Marlin and I scooted out of our chairs to sit at the drying station. One nail tech, while she was helping me up, said to me, “Are your eyelashes real?”

“No,” I said, “I put some fake ones on the corners of my eyes.”

“Oh!” she said, and the three other nail techs started laughing.

“You knew they were fake, huh?”

“No, us three thought they were real, but she (pointing to the fourth) thought they were extensions. We were talking about it the whole time!”

I knew it!

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