My Top 3

Today, I was thinking about the most disgusting things in the world; the top three things that make me gag when I come in contact with them. So, for your reading pleasure, here they are:

3. Hot dog water. You know the water left in the pot after boiling hot dogs? It is steamy and warm and it smells like hot dogs. Disgusting.

2. Milk crusties. These are the dried milk flakes that fall all over when you unscrew the cap off of the gallon of milk. Heaven forbid they fall in your cereal bowl–you may think you’re munching on Frosted Flakes when you’re actually crunching on crusties instead.

And the number one most disgusting thing in the world, according to Jillian:

1. Deli meat edges. It’s very difficult to find sliced meats at the deli counter that don’t have skin on the edges. So, usually, I have to take all the slices out of the bag when I get home from the grocery store and peel all the edges off of them, slice by slice. Coleman thinks it’s disgusting–and it is. But I can’t just pretend like they’re not there. My tongue automatically sorts out the edges from the rest of the meat. So nasty.

So there you have it. Are you grossed out?

I’d love to hear your Top 3! Care to share??


Thanks Regan for posting your Top 3!

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