When 3 sexy firefighters show up at 4 AM…

Last night, I was sound asleep, when all of the sudden, I was awoken by a loud beeping noise. It took me a few seconds, in my sleepy daze, to realize what it was. My alarm? No. A car alarm? No. Finally, I recognized that it was a smoke detector. I got up and wandered around my apartment, ultimately coming to the conclusion that it was my neighbor’s alarm.

Unfortunately, my neighbors have just moved out, so the apartment is empty. I tried to fall back asleep, but it was too loud for me to actually relax enough. A couple of minutes later, out of frustration that the alarm started going off at 4:00 am, and out of fear that there might actually be a fire in the empty apartment, I called the fire department.

I gave them the info, told them that yes, they could call me if they had any questions, and went back to bed. I listened as the fire truck pulled up, and I could hear knocking on my neighbor’s door. The smoke detector kept beep-beep-beeeeeping. At roughly 4:06, there was another loud bang–on my front door.

I stumbled out of bed, made my way to the front door, opened it, set off the alarm, fumbled to find the alarm and deactivate it, and returned to the door, only to find the three most handsome, sexy firemen I have ever seen! I tried to play it cool and pretend that no, I didn’t have morning breath and yes, I was wearing a bra under my baggy t-shirt, but I don’t think I fooled them. After all, I had gone to bed with wet hair, so it was sticking up all over the place, and upon looking in the mirror later, I realized that I had mascara smeared across my eye.

Needless to say, there was no fire, and I was able to go back to sleep, but I don’t think I made a stellar impression on the oh-so-attractive firemen. When we were done talking, I locked the door, reset the security alarm, and crawled back into bed next to my snoring husband. Although he’s not a firefighter, at least I know he loves me no matter what. Even when I look like this:


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