Shoot me now

Although I am a marketing coordinator, I often have to deal with residents who live at our properties–which is by far my least favorite part of the job. This one on Friday just about put me over the edge. (I had to edit a little bit for privacy’s sake, but the point is still the same.)

From Jillian to “Barbara” @ 3:01 pm

Hi Barbara! I spoke with your upstairs neighbor yesterday regarding the noise complaint letter you left for them. I wanted to let you know that if you have further noise complaints against that neighbor, you should call the office; if it is after office hours, please call our courtesy patrol. In order for us to act on any noise complaints, we need to have them witnessed. Calling either our office or the courtesy patrol will give us the opportunity to witness them. I was made aware that your upstairs neighbor was moving into the apartment this weekend. Hopefully, that explains the noise you heard, and it will quiet down once they get settled in. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Have a great evening!

From “Barbara” to Jillian @ 5:08 pm

Sorry. Someone in the office told me when I moved in that I should speak to my neighbors first before telling the office. I simply taped a note to their door, as I didn’t know who was there. Ever since, everything has been fine. I was actually going to put up a holiday thank you note for them, but I guess I won’t now. And if this seems abrupt–I’m just tired.

From “Barbara” to Jillian @ 5:52 pm
Jillian, I’ve been thinking more about what you wrote to me.  I have to say, you took the new people’s word at face value.  There was more going on that night and the next morning than “moving into.”   I am not going to justify why I put the note on the door, but I don’t appreciate that I got a reprimand from the complex.  Also, I don’t agree with the policy (that I never knew about) that the complex actually has to hear the complaint before “acting” on it.  I am not going to get up out of my bed at night or first thing in the morning at 5:30, call a courtesy officer, have the officer come in my home, listen, just not going to do it.  Having said that, I will not be “complaining” anymore.
From “Barbara” to Jillian @ 5:54 pm
Jillian, I forgot one item.  In light of the policy, I would appreciate the complex immediately notifying me if my dog is ever a nuisance (i.e. barking constantly [if he gets frightened]) etc.  He is home alone while I am at work.  I am guessing he is well behaved, but one never knows for sure.  I would be very upset if you waited for three complaints to let me know.  I want to deal with the issue immediately.  I’m sure you can understand that.  Thank you. 

From Jillian to “Barbara” @ 8:56 am

Thank you for your emails. I’m sorry if it seemed I was reprimanding you with my email–that was not my intention! I just meant to let you know that your neighbor had spoken to me and what our policy is for acting on noise complaints. I was not trying to justify your neighbor’s noise, rather just giving an explanation for the noise over the weekend. I apologize if I offended you with my email; I certainly didn’t mean to. On that note, of course I will let you know if there are any noise complaints against you, especially in regard to your dog. That is part of our policy, too. We speak to all parties involved in noise complaints, so there are no misunderstandings. Again, I apologize that my email seemed rude. I didn’t mean for it to be. Have a good day!

 From “Barbara” to Jillian’s Manager @ 6:00 pm

This comment is about Jillian and no other worker. Everyone else has been wonderful. I appreciate each of them. But Jillian recently made a situation with a new tenant above me worse. I will not renew because of the “policy” that Jillian told me about. After many nights of no sleep, I am VERY tired. I also think Jillian is ill informed about her job, as evidenced in the fact that she couldn’t tell me exactly how much candy to buy on Halloween because she didn’t know how many trick or treaters would come to my door. She said she was “new”. (Three months is not new!). I just wanted you to be aware. Everyone else except Jillian is outstanding! Thank you.

I can see that I will not win this battle with “Barbara”, and so from now on, I have been advised to let her deal with one of my coworkers instead of me; however, I would prefer to be the only employee that she talks to, just so I can be so sugary sweet to her, she’ll get annoyed and stop calling the office altogether!

I guess I should have asked, when I started this job in AUGUST, how many trick or treaters to expect in OCTOBER, so I could make all of the residents aware. Maybe I really am “ill informed” about my job.


3 thoughts on “Shoot me now

  1. WOW… talk about a b****. i can come beat her up when i get there in 3 weeks. seriously what a dumby.. she definitely doesn’t have a job and way too much time on her hands. sorry bff

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