This year, Thanksgiving is in…Denver!

We’re not going home for Thanksgiving this year. Really, we haven’t gone home for Thanksgiving since we’ve gotten married. It’s hard to get enough vacation time to go all the way back to Michigan for Thanksgiving and Christmas right in a row, not to mention that it’s expensive to travel.

This will be our third “married” Thanksgiving in our third city! Quite the track record.

Thanksgiving 2006: Kansas City, KS.

Our friends Josh and Caleb flew in to spend the holiday with us–Josh from North Carolina and Caleb from Michigan. I made the entire Thanksgiving dinner, with the exception of the turkey, which was the boys’ job. It was quite the initiation into “wifehood” for me, but I’d say I did really well! We ate dinner and watched episodes of “The Office” for three days straight.

Thanksgiving 2007: Atlanta, GA

Coleman’s Dad and Step-mom came to visit us in Atlanta. I made most of the Thanksgiving food, with help from Marilyn, and again, the boys made the Turkey. We ate so much that we wanted to die, and Marilyn and I watched “Oprah’s Favorite Things” over and over on the tivo.

Thanksgiving 2008: Denver, CO

Coleman and I are going to spend the day in the mountains. Paul and Barb, a couple from our church, graciously invited us to celebrate with them at their home in Frisco. Their daughters aren’t able to come home to CO, and we’re not able to go home to MI, so it worked out perfectly! I’m making stuffing and corn casserole, and there’s talk of going skiing after dinner. Though, seeing as I’m not a skier, I may try my hand (or feet) at the snowshoes!

I am sad about not going to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I love being with my family and reminiscing about holidays past. I love being with my girlfriends, one of whom I won’t be able to see until April! I even love going to the Sandbar and seeing who I run into from high school. But who knows?

Thanksgiving 2009: To be determined…

One thought on “This year, Thanksgiving is in…Denver!

  1. I miss you, i can’t believe we won’t see each other until April. Seriously i am ill over this. love you and happy thanksgiving.

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