100 Things About Jillian!

1. I love getting my hair done, but I stress out for weeks over how much it costs.

2. I carry makeup with me everywhere I go and apply more and more throughout the day.

3. I daydream all day long about things that probably won’t ever happen.

4. I love Chick-fil-A, and I could eat it for every meal of every day.

5. I love sweet tea even more. Especially from Chick-fil-A.

6. I think my sisters are amazing, and I want to be like them.

7. I miss cheerleading.

8. I like red wine better than white wine.

9. I can’t stand it when my clothes bunch up. I’m constantly pulling my sleeves down or my socks up.

10. Ever since I lived in Atlanta, I think I see cockroaches everywhere. Usually they’re just quarters or stickers, though.

11. To kill bugs, I spray them with hairspray over and over until they either die or get stuck to the floor. Then, I put a cup over them and ask Coleman to pick them up when he gets home.

12. I talk to my mom almost every day.

13. I like to listen to music really loud.

14. I love tattoos–on other people and on me.

15. I’m terrified of going under water.

16. I look forward to checking my mailbox every day.

17. Throwing up scares me more than anything else.

18. I sit up in my sleep.

19. I talk really loud on the phone.

20. I love heels.

21. I don’t like to dance.

22. I wish Coleman would have met my grandpas before they died.

23. I watch wayyyy too much tv.

24. I’m sensitive–sometimes to a fault. They say it’s because I’m a Cancer.

25. If you compliment me, I’ll remember it forever.

26. I have a file in my email inbox entitled “Nice Things,” where I keep emails people have sent that make me feel happy.

27. I get embarrassed easily.

28. I’m sarcastic. Sometimes too sarcastic.

29. People rarely get my jokes. Most of the time, they can’t tell if I’m serious or not.

30. I like being in airports.

31. Fall still reminds me of getting ready for high school football games.

32. I want to impact people’s lives for the better.

33. I like Bible studies.

34. I talk about myself too much. Case in point: this posting!

35. I wore my mom’s wedding dress in my wedding. It was one of the best things I ever did.

36. I feel guilty that I didn’t ask my sisters if I could wear my mom’s wedding dress. It didn’t occur to me that they may have wanted it.

37. There are some songs that remind me of things that mean so much to me, I can’t listen to them.

38. I feel the same way about certain movies and tv shows.

39. I miss having sleepovers with my sisters.

40. When we go home and stay at my parents’ house, I always ask Coleman if my sisters can sleep in the room with us. He thinks that’s weird.

41. I’m a really good whistler!

42. I own a belly dancing DVD that I’ve never watched. All I know is it’s hosted by some lady named Dolphina. If you want it, I’ll mail it to you.

43. I don’t like breakfast foods very much.

44. My favorite cereal is plain ol’ Cheerios.

45. I chew gum allll day long.

46. My favorite movie is the Sound of Music.

47. I love the Christmas season. I love how it starts on Nov. 1st and goes on through the New Year.

48. My favorite color is gold.

49. I get uncomfortable when people try to flirt with me.

50. My favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey McIntyre. I always fantasized about being Mrs. McIntyre. Go figure!

51. I like to read.

52. I like to bake.

53. My mom is the best baker. She always had some sort of home-baked treat waiting for us when we came home from school.

54. When I was in first grade, I had a really hard time being away from my Mom. One day, she snuck into my classroom during recess and left a bracelet in my desk with a note telling me that if I wore it, I wouldn’t have to be sad, because it would be like she was with me. I still have the bracelet.

55. If there was a fire in my house and I only had time to rescue one thing, I’d take that bracelet.

56. When I was learning how to count, I somehow came up with personalities for each number 0-9. I still remember their personalities and the stories I created about them. (For example, 5 is 6’s dad, and 6 is a princess who is in love with 7, the prince. I’ll tell you the rest later if you really want to know!)

57. I’m allergic to cats and Amoxicillin.

58. I’ve always wanted to live in the penthouse of a high rise in the middle of a huge city.

59. If I could choose any superpower, I’d want to be invisible. Then, I could be nosy, but no one would know!

60. When I was growing up, I had a hamburger-shaped phone in my bedroom. Remember those?

61. Speaking of funny phones, I love the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. “There’s no basement in the Alamo!”

62. It bothers me when people don’t like me.

63. No matter what they’re about, I always cry during photo montages.

64. I got my belly button pierced when I was 18. I went with my friend Jenny. My parents were pissed. I stopped wearing belly button rings a few years ago, but I still have a hole left behind from them.

65. I like the hole that’s left behind. I think it gives me character.

66. I don’t like to try new things, again, because I get embarrassed easily. I wish that wasn’t the case, though.

67. I love Chipotle. I eat a vegetarian fajita burrito with guac from there at least once a week.

68. My favorite Christmas ornament is a fuzzy Snuggles bear that was free with a jug of fabric softener. I’ve had it as long as I can remember, and I always hang it at the very top of the Christmas tree, right under the star.

69. Coleman doesn’t like the Snuggles bear ornament because it has red eyes.

70. I still care what my Dad has to say about the decisions I make.

71. If I hear one more time that my handwriting “looks like a font”…

72. I’ll admit it…sometimes I crave attention.

73. I wear fake eyelashes every day.

74. I say inappropriate things a lot, without meaning to. Yesterday I told a group of girls I would rather die than be pregnant right now–at a baby shower. Whoops!

75. Which reminds me… I can be a bit overdramatic at times.

76. I love to make people laugh.

77. I love to buy gifts for people. I’ll search for weeks until I find the perfect present.

78. I love going home to Michigan and running into random people from high school.

79. I believe that people can change…

80. …because I believe that God can do anything.

81. I have a few friends who are living proof of that.

82. Sometimes I hate feeling like a “goody two shoes”.

83. Ever since I knew what the South was, I’ve wanted to live there.

84. I like to get up earlier than I need to, just to be able to sit and watch tv with a cup of coffee for a few minutes.

85. I try to take at least one bubble bath a week.

86. I have a secret dream that one of my children will marry one of my best friends’ children, so we can be kind-of related.

87. I think communal living sounds like a blast!

88. I doodle.

89. I love going to weddings.

90. I value tradition.

91. I always crave Braeburn apples and peanut butter.

92. I would rather sit and talk with a room full of friends and family than do anything else.

93. There was one summer when we hung out at Foster’s house on the beach every night, sitting by a bonfire and playing guitar. I think about that summer all the time.

94. I believe that Coleman is destined to do great things in God’s name during his life, and I feel honored just to be at his side.

95. I genuinely want everyone to be happy–even people I don’t like very much.

96. I think department stores are beautiful.

97. When I’m visiting home, I like to look at the lifeguard stand on Silver Beach where we spent every day of our summers laying out and gossiping about students from the other high schools who were laying out at the other lifeguard stands.

98. I hate pretzels.

99. I Tivo the Ellen Degeneres Show every day.

100. I like myself.

5 thoughts on “100 Things About Jillian!

  1. Wow!!!!! You did do 100!!!!!! I will accept your challenge and attempt my own list. Lets see how far I get….
    Oh and
    17. Throwing up scares me more than anything else.
    That would be on Kyle’s list too. :)

  2. I asked Kyle to do one, but I don’t think I have convinced him yet. :) I loved all the new things I learned about you! :)

  3. Do you remember who gave you the hamburger phone? It was me, I gave it to you because you were little and sweet, always sweet, and you would come to may apartment and say “Aunt Darcy, I would like to have this hamburger phone”..so I gave it to you, with tears in my eyes because I was able to make you happy for a minute of your life. I have had many tears in my eyes over you, over the years because I love you so much and If I do make you happy for one minute of your life, it makes me happy for the rest of mine.

  4. Mom–My doll’s name was Renee Jillian. (I didn’t know that my middle name was spelled Renae with an “A”!) And you’re right… I should have mentioned her. :)

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