Dolly’s Dating Disasters–Episode 2

“Bob” is VERY cute. He lived here for a short time before he ditched us for another city (mainly for a girl that used to go to AU).  I loved him for about a day, as he loves JC! [Jesus Christ, for those who don’t know :)] 

I was so excited because we would go get coffee a lot and he used to run XC, and of course he is adorable….oh wait please let me not forget to mention that he is an INCH tall.  Seriously, little little, but I loved him nonetheless as i LOVE skinny boys :) 

So that lasted just a short amount of time, because then I let his dog live with me for over a week.  And then things started to get annoying, and i realized that “Bob” was a drama king.  Ohhh man, maybe just too much time with him?  i dont know, I was sad to see him leave, but soo happy to have his dog out of my casa! 

It was funny, kind of like a TV show…you have a new character come on, at first you love him, then start to get annoyed by him, and then by episode 3, he is leaving.   Yep, thats my life.

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