Is this really my job?

I’m at work. It’s one of those days where everyone’s complaining about everything. I’m having particular issues with a woman, “Carol”, whose children are running around my office like chickens with their heads cut off–I mean, whose children and their friends are watching a movie in the movie theater adjacent to my office.

This has been our conversation over the past two hours:

“Hi Jillian. Can we use the movie theater?”

“Sure. I’ll show you how to start the projector.”

A little while later…

“Jillian, did you know there is Sprite in the refrigerator?”

“No, I didn’t know that, Carol.”

“Oh. There is.”


“Do you know whose it is?”

“No, Carol, I don’t.”

“Oh. Can my kids have some?”

“I don’t think so, Carol. I’m not sure whose it is.”

A little while later…

“Jillian, I noticed there are cupcakes in the employee break room.”

“Yep, they’re for Halloween.”

“Oh. Can my kids have some?”

“I don’t think so, Carol. They’re for the employees.”

A little while later…

“Jillian, is this microwave broken? I can’t seem to get the popcorn to pop for my kids.”

“Just use the microwave in the employee break room, Carol.”

A little while later…

“Jillian, do you have a broom?”

“Why, Carol?”

“My children have accidentally spilled some popcorn.”

Jillian walks into the movie theater, where it looks like it just snowed 5 inches worth of popcorn.

“Ummm… Yes, Carol. I’ll get you a broom.”

A few minutes later…

The children are done with the movie and are running around my office. Carol finally tells the kids it’s time to go home.

And now? Now all six kids are running around the pool, the last child chasing the five children in front of him with the pool net. Oh! One child just jumped into the fountain.

One thought on “Is this really my job?

  1. lol! While we do not enjoy the thought of you in misery, we do enjoy your re-caps. ;-) Careful though, “Carol” might stumble across your blog someday… though from the sounds of things, “Carol” is more likely to be spending her time prying cold cuts out of her computer’s DVD drive (that I’m sure none of the kids know anything about) rather than using it to read blogs…

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