It’s Fall! And that means…

I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of listening to certain kinds of music during certain times of the year. (Obviously, this is somewhat true for everyone, since I doubt there are many people who listen to “Jingle Bells” in July. Although, I’m sure someone does.)

For example, I usually find myself subconsciously wanting to listen to Dave Matthews Band more frequently when Spring rolls around, because it reminds me of summer breaks from high school.

Today, while getting ready for work, I scrolled through my iPod, and landed on one of my “Fall/Winter” artists: The Honorary Title. I used to listen to their cd “Anything Else But The Truth” in college, driving to class in the snow. Now that the temperature has dropped in Denver, I’m craving their music again. That album is so good, but for some reason, not as good in warmer weather.

Does anyone else do this?

One thought on “It’s Fall! And that means…

  1. Yep! Jason Mraz is more Summer. I played Waiting for my Rocket to Come nonstop when I was graduating undergrad. Jose Gonzalez is Fall because I listened to him constantly while traveling in October a couple of years ago to see Kyle. He reminds me of Paris because of that. Damien Rice is Winter because I played him ALL the time one Winter. It reminds me of our first place in Chattanooga too. Dave is a definitely Spring because of high school memories.

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