Honorary Sigma Kappa and Former Lakeshore Cheerleader

I’m at work. It’s my 9th day in a row here. I don’t mean to complain (yes I do) but that is a LONG stretch for me. And last week, I came into work an hour early and stayed an hour late almost every day, working on the 2009 marketing plan. I can’t handle it. I told someone yesterday that I’m starting to look like a troll. My clothes are getting a little more wrinkly, my hair is getting a little more scraggly, and my eyes are getting a little more puffy as each day goes on.

Alas! A light at the end of the tunnel! For today, I am taking advantage of my overtime and leaving work at 4 to catch a flight home! Coleman and I are flying from Denver to Chicago at 8:10 pm, where we will hop in our killer rental Chevy Cobalt and drive an hour to Michigan. I’m excited to go home. I haven’t been there since Christmas!

Tomorrow (Thurs) I’m driving up to Kalamazoo to visit my sister, Lauren, at Western, where I will subsequently spend the day as an honorary Sigma Kappa. I’m not sure if her sorority allows honorary members, but I’m making myself one nonetheless. So, all afternoon, I’ll be doing keg stands in the Sigma Kappa house. Or whatever they do there.

Friday, I am going to my high school’s homecoming football game: The Lakeshore Lancers vs. the Benton Harbor Tigers. Go red! There, I will be channeling my cheerleader past. Most importantly, I’ll be there to see my other sister, Janel, perform with the Poms dance team at halftime. (Word is, their performance is to “Eye of the Tiger”. Could this be a direct shot at the opposing team? I think so. Which could be dangerous, seeing as Benton Harbor was named the most dangerous city in Michigan a few years ago… One time, while cheering at a basketball game at Benton Harbor High School my senior year, I said something awesome like “Go Lancers!” and some man in the BHHS crowd glared at me and slid his finger across his throat, symbolizing that he would slit my throat if I ever cheered for my team again. We had to use the buddy system to go to the bathroom after that.)

We’re going to a friend’s wedding on Saturday. David Machemer and Coleman have been friends for years. One time, when I was in third grade and David was in fourth grade, he did a gymnastics routine in the Hollywood Elementary School talent show. He started out by pretending to hit a baseball, then dribbling a basketball. Then, he did this amazing gymnastics routine, and everyone agreed that it was the best talent of the night. (I did a choreographed dance to “The Peppermint Twist”. Not as exciting, but still adorable. I have it on tape.) Anyway, I’m excited to see David and Erin get married, and I’m especially excited to catch up with people from high school who I haven’t seen in years.

Don’t worry, people. I know you’re excited about my amazing trip ahead. I’ll be back with pictures in a few days!

One thought on “Honorary Sigma Kappa and Former Lakeshore Cheerleader

  1. Call me creepy, but I’m on “back up phones” today…which means I answer the phone when the receptionist can’t get to it (not real busy.)I’ve been reading thru your old blog posts. That Benton Harbor guy story made me laugh outloud. good thing I wasn’t answering the phone. Do you have a gmail account? I want to chat. :)

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