Napol Mondragon here.

Hello everyone,

This is Napol and this is my first official post on my own blog.  I am in the Helena, MT airport right now watching a River Runs Through It (It was filmed in Montana if you are wondering why) dreaming of someday getting a chance to raise a family here. False.  I am not doing this at all.  I am actually in the airport staring at the runway where I think I am catching a flight on the Wright Bros. first plane. The airport is scary small and the planes are smaller. I am not sure why people would ever move to Montana.  Some say the view is pretty nice, but I would rather be around a little more civilization.   

I met the local Whirlpool rep today and he has lived in Montana for 30 years.  I was telling him how everyone has told me to watch out for wildlife while I am driving. He told me he has hit 11 animals over the past 7 years.  9 deer, 1 black bear (yes I said a black bear)  and one cow!  Yes it is true a cow was roaming free in a road and he hit it.  This isn’t even the best part.  He told me in Montana they have a law that if you hit a farm animal on a local road, you have to pay the farmer for that farm animal.  I asked him how much he had to pay and he said he drove off but the police found him.  The farmer charged him $680 for the cow!  The moral of the story is watch out for cow, they cost a lot.  Fact: I am not a big fan of Montana.


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