What did you just call me?

People frequently say my name wrong. Although I think it’s an easy name to pronounce, most of the time I’m called the wrong name at work, where I’m wearing a nametag that says “Jillian” in bold letters. Lately, I’ve been called: Julie Anne, Julian, JoAnn, Julia, Julie Anna, Jeralyn and even Jun Lin.

Coleman’s name gets messed up, too. Either people can’t read it, or they forget everything but the fact that it’s a unique name, and they come up with a different unique name of their own to call him. Examples of his name include: Corbin, Colon, Collin, Cameron, Colton, Corbett, Clinton and even Jackson.

But today’s name tops all of them. Coleman called the local pizza restaurant to order some dinner. He even spelled his first and last name, as has become a habit, so they would get it right. When he went to pick up the pizzas, he gave his name to the girl at the front, but they couldn’t find the pies. Why? Because the guy who took the order got his name wrong.

That’s right. Mr and Mrs Napol Mondragon.

6 thoughts on “What did you just call me?

  1. Micki and I cannot stop laughing. Collin! Who would call him that? Ha.

    PS – We’re really laughing about the Mondragon name. Of course, you knew that.

  2. Oh! That made me cry laugh! :) We are getting you guys towels monogrammed that say Jeralyn and Colon. Sigh. I miss you guys. :)

  3. I have thought about this. I have decided that the guy Coleman spoke to was probably 15 or so and was highly annoyed that Coleman spelled out first and last name, thus causing him to rename Coleman after his favorite World of Warcraft character. Just a thought.

  4. haha, the crew told us about this so I had to check it out for myself. I think I found the name for my next toon on world of warcraft. We really miss you guys.

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