Three-Day Weekend

Although it was technically during the week, the three-day weekend I just had was amazing!

Monday (Labor Day), Coleman and I went out to lunch and shopped during the afternoon. Then, we grilled out hamburgers and spent a few blissful hours watching movies.

On Tuesday, I got up bright and early…to go to Target and buy Season 4 of The Office on DVD. I proceeded to lay on the couch for seven hours watching the entire four-disk set. (I’m just lucky the writer’s strike cut out half of the season. It could have taken up even more of my day!) Then, I took a nearly-two hour bubble bath and re-watched more Office episodes. I went for a walk around our neighborhood to the sounds of Sigur Ros–good walking music! Finally, I went home and made a big pot of chili. The weather was so cool that day–in the 60s–so chili was the perfect meal.

Yesterday, I was a little more productive. I went shopping, baked some homemade bread, cleaned, did some step aerobics, and watched more Office episodes. (I can’t get enough!)

All of this to say, I think I have really found my true calling in life. Forget working in politics: I am meant to be a housewife! I could clean and bake and go grocery shopping alllllll day long. I love it! I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I’m folding laundry in my clean house with the scent of fresh-baked bread wafting in the air… Yes. I love being at home!

Unfortunately, I can only foresee two reasons why Coleman would agree with me staying home at this juncture: either we win the lottery or we have a child.

Alas, I am back at work today.

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