Praise Jesus!

A miracle has occurred.

Coleman has found a Chick-fil-A in Denver!

It’s 45 minutes away, but it exists nonetheless. I hope they’ll sell gallons of sweet tea in the drive thru.

Another miracle is this: I feel happy today! As anyone may have noticed from my negative attitude about everything over the last month, this move from Atlanta has been really tough on me. But today, for the first time, I feel great–and I’m even at work! This is rare, people. And much appreciated.

It’s a beautiful morning, I’m having a really good hair day, Coleman and I were cracking each other up all morning, and we have dinner plans tonight with Joel and Marlin. I’m still listening to Counting Crows on Pandora, I have a full bag of original flavored Goldfish crackers and a box of Junior Mints stashed in my desk, and I’m drinking really good coffee out of a thermos I borrowed from Jason and Kristi a year ago. (You’re probably not getting that thermos back, by the way.) Yesterday, a resident came into the office and gave me free tickets to the Rockies baseball game, so I surprised Coleman with an unexpected date night of baseball, hot dogs, peanuts and beer. (, Game: Aug 22 vs. Cin, Gallery: 10, 7th row down, on the left)

Best of all, I have had a renewed desire to read my Bible. I’ve been slacking on that for…longer than I can remember, but the other day, my friend Jenea said that maybe I’d have an easier time adjusting to Denver if I let myself depend on God more, and stopped trying to do everything on my own. So, a few days ago, I opened up my Bible to the middle of Luke and started reading. And I like it!

I have this habit of dating Bible passages when I read them, so when I look back, I can see which books I read at different times in my life, and what they meant to the situations I was in at the time. It’s been so encouraging to look back on those and read the same passages with a different perspective. Things are jumping out at me that I hadn’t ever noticed before.

It seems as if God is coming to the rescue just when I felt most alone. Go figure!

2 thoughts on “Praise Jesus!

  1. Hey Jillian! We miss you guys back in Atlanta, especially Rachel! That’s a great idea about marking dates next to Bible passages. I think I’ll start doing that too.

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