It’s been hard for me to be motivated to keep up with this blog, because honestly, I haven’t really had much to tell. I’ve been working, Coleman’s been working, I’ve been watching the Olympics.

Today it’s really cold outside–a high of 60. And it’s been drizzling all day. It’s making me wish I was at home watching a movie on the couch and drinking coffee. Mostly, it’s making me miss Atlanta. I’m certain it’s not 60 degrees in Atlanta today.

I’m finding it hard to adjust to Denver. I know it will just take time for us to find friends and feel comfortable in this new city. And I’m sure if I had a more positive attitude it would be easier for me to adjust, too. I’m just having a hard time.

One thought on “Blah

  1. it is most certainly NOT 60 degrees here today! high 80s, heavy humidity, and no breeze. ah atlanta.


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