Lewis and Clark

We made it! We are now official residents of Denver. And it only took 20ish hours to get here!

Drove from Atlanta to Kansas City on Saturday, and spent the night in a hotel right next to the apartment community we stayed when we lived in Kansas. It was so weird to be back there! Part of me felt like we hadn’t ever left…it looked exactly the same!

Sunday we suffered–I mean, drove–through the entire length of Kansas, enjoying the wheat fields along the way. We finally made it to Denver, though, and our apartment is super cute! The movers should be here any minute to unload our things.

Most importantly, Coleman and I used the 20 hour drive as an opportunity to test a theory we have–that old people always drive with their mouths open. Coleman was the first to discover this phenomenon, and no one ever believes him when he talks about it. But here they are, people, the official scientific results: 67% of the old people we observed on the highway between Atlanta and Denver drove with their mouths open!

We would like to dedicate these findings to our friends Jen and Ian, who inspired us to conduct this experiment, and also to Kyle and Regan, who just don’t really like old people that much.

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